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Our Story

I'm John.  I created Vital Gear out of this desire to be different.  During college, I was sick and tired of the normal, the predictable, basic.  I wanted to be different and unique.  So I did crazy things like skydive and take hikes for days.  

But that wasn't enough.  I wanted the everyday parts - things we wear and stuff we carry - to be unique.  So instead of carrying a normal backpack to class, I wanted one that could charge my phone and was waterproof. 

This is where Vital Gear began.  My desire to create uniqueness and differentness out of the ordinary but necessary things in life: the vital things. So, Vital Gear was born.

Vital Gear aspires to bring you Unique Products from around the world.  No single country has a monopoly on uniqueness.  Our goal is to bring out the different in all of us. 

We are different.  We are unique in the normal, ordinary but necessary parts of life.  We are Vital Gear.