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Vital Charger Operating Instructions



Welcome to the Vital Gear family!  The Vital Charger is a uniquely constructed power charger with integrated Li-polymer 5000mAh battery.  It is waterproof, dustproof, has two USB ports and an LED torch light.


Please carefully read this document before operating your Vital Charger.



  1. On/Off Button
  2. Green/Blue LED indicator which shows solar charging status and battery power status.
  3. USB port for charging electronic devices.
  4. Micro input for charging Vital Gear using an outlet.  This is the PREFERRED method of charging.
  5. Solar Panel
  6. LED torch light is located in the upper left of On/Off button


Operating Instructions


  1. Charging the Vital Charger via the solar panel
  • Place the solar charger under the sunlight.
  • The green LED indicator will keep on when the solar charger is being charged under sunlight.
  • When the solar charger is fully charged, LED indicators will go off.


NOTE: Solar charging is only for emergency, please avoid prolonged exposure to sun.


  1. Charging the Vital Charger from an external power source
  • Connect the Vital Charger’s cable to a USB port or USB AC adapter.
  • Blue LED indicators come on to indicate that the Vital Charger is being charged.
  • There are a total of 4 bars.  SOMETIMES, your Vital Charger will come with 3 bars lit.  
  • When the Vital Charger is fully charged, LED indicators will go off.
  • An external power source takes between 3-7 hours to fully charge the VItal Charger.


  1. Charging on external device via Vital Charger
    • Check that the Vital Charger is adequately charged by pressing the ON/OFF button.  The battery charge status is indicated by the BLUE LED lights:
      • 1 LED indicators - green, which is keeping on when it is being charged under sunlight, 25% power.
        • 2 LED indicators - 50% power
        • 3 LED indicators - 75% power
        • 4 LED indicators - 100%

      Optimal Usage

      1. Vital Charger needs to be near 100% battery for optimal charging of two devices.
      2. Primary source of charging should be an outlet using the Vital Charger cable that came with it.
      3. When Vital Charger begins to charge after shutting off due to battery, it can take 3 minutes to begin recharging.


      LED Torch Light

      • Double-click on the ON/OFF button.



      • Never attempt to open or dismantle the Vital Charger
      • Never subject the Vital Charger serious knocks or blows.
      • Do not let children play with Vital Charger
      • Although the Vital Charger is waterproof, do not immerse it in any liquid.
      • Do not leave the Vital Charger in airtight space when sunshine charging such as car, as it may cause maximum operating temperature (45 degrees C) being exceeded.
      • Do not throw the Vital Charger into a fire.